Springtime coming in with tides

Posted March 16, 2012, at 5:32 a.m.

The month of March is a quiet time at most Maine harbors and the Harraseeket River in Freeport is no exception. Many of the floating docks and moorings have been pulled from the tidal bay. Dozens of fishing boats and pleasure craft sit onshore, wrapped in white plastic as they wait out the winter.

On an afternoon earlier this week about the only activity seen along the shore was airborne gulls dropping mussels to crack open on the rocks at low tide.

Soon the weather will warm and the boats will go back in the water. Then the hungry tourists will arrive. After placing their order at the window of the waterfront lobster shack, they’ll gaze out at the harbor, thinking about how peaceful it is in Maine — while waiting for their number to be called on a loudspeaker.