Seen any spiders on the snow?

Posted Jan. 29, 2013, at 1:09 p.m.

As we endure bitter cold, I’m thankful for warm clothes and great outdoor opportunities in Maine.

During the warmer weather that preceded this cold snap, the snow had slushed up. Folks on the trail, no doubt seeking their vitamin “N”,” left slushy foot prints that quickly froze overnight, then were covered over by freshly fallen snow.

While hiking this trail, each foot step twisted side to side, or forward and back or an unpredictable combination of each, mingled with sliding on hidden ice. Sound bad … well, not as bad as my spider friend hadit. I’m not sure how, on this 10-degree morning, this fellow was hiking the same trail as I was, but there he was, and all of a sudden I didn’t feel so bad.

Quickly back to proper focus, a few photos of my fellow sojourner, and then on my way.

An outing to Sandy Point provided some photo fun with a small raft of bufflehead ducks. The onshore wind and surf were aggressive and the diving ducks were having a time of it, but not as much as me. Trying to capture one of these little birds in the camera was a trial.

My luck changed at the Searsport town dock. The wind had subsided, but the light was disappearing. However, a red-breasted merganser and a goldeneye duck cooperated with the image machine. All in all a great day in the Maine outdoors.

I hope you enjoy these photos and all of your outdoor adventures. Remember to get your vitamin “N”.