School spirit strong at state championship football game

Posted Nov. 19, 2012, at 7:17 p.m.

PORTLAND, Maine — There is nothing like a state championship football game to bring out the school spirit and nowhere was that more evident than on the sunny side of Fitzpatrick Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

That’s where the fans of the undefeated Lawrence Bulldogs packed the bleachers. They were on a mission to help their boys avenge last year’s crushing defeat in the Class A title game.

They drove down from Fairfield in cars painted with messages of support. Mothers arrived wearing their son’s jerseys; Father’s joined their children in the school band, and classmates painted their faces blue.

Throughout the game the stands rocked with the chant, “We are the Bulldogs, the mighty, mighty, Bulldogs!”

At the start of the second half Darcy Smith was exuberant. Wearing her son’s number 23, she raised her arms and cheered as her boy, wide receiver Aaron Lafrance, ran back out onto the field. Earlier Lafrance scored his first touchdown and the Bulldogs had the lead.

But in the end fans can only do so much and it was Thornton Academy who came out on top. Smith had to be consoled as the game came to an end.

Lucy Stewart, who was wearing her son Eriq’s number 62, also had tears in eyes.

“There are 19 seniors on the team and we’ve been together a long time,” she said. “It’s just so sad. But we’ll have a celebration when we get back. We’ll just let them know how proud we are.”