Pet psychic performs mind readings of animals in Portland

Posted Jan. 24, 2014, at 5:41 a.m.
Last modified Jan. 27, 2014, at 5:32 p.m.

PORTLAND, Maine — About five years ago, Sara Moore was performing a Reiki treatment for a dog, when it came to her.

“The dog was anxious, and I saw this picture of a teddy bear,” she recalled.

Moore told the woman who owned the dog about the surprise vision, and the woman was dumbfounded. They’d recently moved and lost the dog’s favorite teddy bear in the process.

Moore explained that the dog wanted to be brought to the store to pick out the toy’s replacement because he wasn’t satisfied with the options his owners were offering.

“So they brought the dog to the store, let him pick out the toy, and she slept great after that,” Moore recalled.

That incident represented the first time she said she could psychically read the thoughts and feelings of animals. Now, the Conway, N.H.-based psychic and medium travels the region under the business banner of Enlightened Horizons, telling pet owners what their dogs, cats, horses and even bats think of them.

On Thursday night, Moore was at Planet Dog in Portland plying her trade. Participants made donations to the Planet Dog Foundation, the pet supplies retailer’s nonprofit arm that provides grant money to service dog groups around the country.

This year, the foundation’s 15th year, it crossed the $1 million mark in grants, said store manager Jim Williams.

Moore said the readings come to her in images, sounds and feelings that convey the animals’ messages to their owners. Sometimes the information comes in the form of tastes, she said.

“Which, if your dog likes to eat kitty litter, is really pretty gross,” she told Thursday’s audience.

Like the vision of the teddy bear, Moore said the sensations present themselves in ways she can make sense of — being that the animals typically don’t use human languages.

Jay Lamb of Westbrook came to the Portland event with his wife, son and dog, Sadie. Moore told the family that Sadie felt like the new baby made the house too messy, and the dog was the one who cemented in permanence the couple’s relationship.

Lamb acknowledged that Sadie was a wedding gift he and his wife gave to each other.

“That was amazing,” Lamb said. “Just the information that she had the clarity that she presented it with its just mind-blowing. She answered all the questions that we had. It was cool.”

In general, Moore said cats are blunt, no-nonsense animals who don’t sugarcoat their messages to their owners. But they can also be deceptive and manipulative, she said. Dogs, on the other hand, are more socially diplomatic, but exceedingly honest.

“Dogs are pretty basic, and they’re not good at lying,” said Moore.

And the animals from beyond the grave?

“They’re always OK on the other side,” said Moore, who said she can also do readings of humans if they ask. “They’re not angry about it when you help them cross over [by putting them to sleep]. It’s all part of the process for them. They understand.”