Penobscot Longrifles club members enjoy shooting old-school muzzleloaders

Posted July 02, 2013, at 5:28 a.m.

If you like to tinker with relatively simple mechanical things, enjoy good-natured ribbing from friends and would like to test your shooting skills, the Penobscot Longrifles might just be the group for you.

Imagine using a piece of equipment the design of which originated in 15th century Europe. After many improvements, the gun still was in use during the American Civil War although it was considered out of date by then.

Many members and guests at the Penobscot Longrifles club use replicas of the classic weapon made by present-day gunsmiths. The club holds monthly shoots on the last Sunday of each month at its Stetson shooting range and clubhouse.

Just about anything can be a target: Potatoes, spoons, popsicle sticks, buttons, lumps of coal, a playing card or an ax blade.

“We use a lot of targets that would have been used in the old days when there were few printed targets,” said Glenn Dickey, president of the club.

Many hunt with the rifles but some just enjoy the comradery and developing the skill to shoot accurately with these weapons.

Wade Moffett and two other muzzleloader enthusiasts started the group in 1979 and they welcome anyone who enjoys participating in a friendly target-shooting competition as long as they use a muzzleloader. The club may be contacted at