Nature photos of a fall Cadillac Mountain hike

Posted Nov. 14, 2012, at 10:03 a.m.

Meet Bentley, a lab pup that Deb and I met on the North Ridge Cadillac Mountain Trail. We get a lot of pleasure from meeting friendly pets and people along the trail. You can see other pets we’ve met on my website gallery.

The black-capped chickadees and the fungi photos were taken on that hike as well. Strong winds, sun and clouds kept constant company with us, but only served to add the textures that make hiking so much fun!

The mallards in flight and milkweed pods were snapped at the Essex Street Marsh. One of the milkweed pods seems to look like a face — do you see it? A male northern cardinal graced my new garden fence recently and the last photo shows a limit of harbor pollock that I caught last week…yum.

It continues to be a great fall, Deb and I hope you are enjoying it.