‘I just keep waving’

Posted Feb. 12, 2013, at 5:40 a.m.

He wears a red, white and blue tailcoat coupled with a spangled cowboy hat. He waves at cars and trucks. He waves at a kid on a skateboard. He waves at an ambulance, red lights flashing and sirens wailing. He even waves at a passing freight train. The temperature is below freezing and the wind is starting to kick up.

He does it all with a smile.

Adolph Kiper, 73, a former New Jersey dairy farmer, has performed this Uncle Sam routine in front of Liberty Tax Service on Portland’s Forest Avenue for the better part of a decade. From January to April 15 — tax season — he’s out there. Smiling and drumming up business.

Sometimes people wave back or toot their horn.

“It keeps me in good shape,” he said Monday while taking a break inside. “I’d probably be dead if I didn’t move around.”

He says keeping warm is just a state of mind. Though, he does have hand warmers in his gloves and a hood on underneath his hat. He also keeps a brisk pace, moving back and forth in the parking lot.

“I just keep waving,” he said with a chuckle.