Greater Bangor skaters hitting the ice

Posted Feb. 05, 2014, at 12:32 p.m.

Sometimes, I just have to get out of the office. Fortunately, I’m an “outdoor reporter,” so I can usually come up with some reason to do just that.

Recently, as a break from staring at my computer screen, I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture candid images of people enjoying the outdoors in Bangor and its sister city, Brewer. And since we haven’t had a whole lot of snow to play in, I headed to the ice rinks.

In my research — which entailed using my phone to do a Google search — I learned there are a lot of outdoor ice skating spots throughout Maine. Almost every community has some sort of man-made rink or pond for the public to enjoy.

Locally, I found ice at Bangor’s Broadway Park, the Brewer Auditorium Complex and Brewer’s Caldwell Ice Rink, and I know there are several other great skating spots in the area. While snapping photos — and blissfully breathing some fresh air — I met a variety of skaters: a teen learning the art of gliding from a friend, a young woman who skates almost every day at the rink near her house, and a group of young men practicing their hockey skills in between texting and chugging Gatorade.