Get on my lawn: Creative decorations adorn Maine yards

Posted July 12, 2014, at 10:04 a.m.

CANAAN, Maine – The tin man had been amusing passers-by on Route 2 for nearly five decades, but he disappeared from Peggy Riley’s front lawn in Canaan a few years ago.

It wasn’t long before a neighbor stopped by to find out what happened.

“His head fell off,” Riley said. “And I was too embarrassed to have him sitting out there with his head off, so I pulled him out back.”

The neighbor said the tin man was sitting out there too long, so he took him home, fixed him up and brought him back.

The lawn decoration, a figure made from welded propane tanks, was put up by Riley’s father, a member of the town’s fire association. He painted the tin man red and blue and had him hold a hose to look like a firefighter, though most folks aren’t sure what he was supposed to be.

“Some people think he’s Santa Claus,” Riley said.

Photographer Robert Bukaty captured images of several creative lawn decorations he has seen during his recent travels in Maine.