Feasting grosbeaks bring back memories

Posted Dec. 18, 2012, at 10:19 a.m.

From Lincolnville and common eiders, horned grebes and the ferry Margaret Chase Smith, to the Stud Mill Road and its log hauling big rigs to Bath and Kennebunkport, it’s been a great week in the Maine outdoors.

I’d like to focus on the Bath pine grosbeaks. Watching these guys dismantle wild cherries on a waterfront park tree and seeing their beaks covered in cherry pulp … well it made me reminisce about my children.

Birthdays. In their early years, both of my kids, now both responsible adults, enjoyed, with vigor, their birthday cakes. They attacked it much the same way as these little grosbeaks attacked the cherries. While observing these birds, I saw my children with cake crumbs and frosting smeared on their little beaks and over most of their happy faces.

Great memories from these birds and the wonderful Maine outdoors.