Faces of the Fryeburg Fair

Posted Oct. 05, 2013, at 5:52 a.m.

FRYEBURG, Maine — They say it was a chilly day. No one can remember it, though. It was 162 years ago, after all. In 1851, some farmers and merchants got together and formed the West Oxford Agricultural Society. They showed off their wares, their cattle and their produce. I bet they were a bunch of characters.

All these years later, they’re still doing it. Now they call it the Fryeburg Fair. It’s the biggest fair in Maine. It boasts harness racing, a tool museum, rides, games, a blacksmith shop and nonstop music on a bunch of stages. There are more animals than you can probably count. And there’s fair food: French fries, fried dough, sausage with onions and deep fried anything on a stick.

There is still a lot of characters, too.