Due to shrinking funding, Monticello’s Wellington School’s out forever

Posted June 30, 2014, at 12:04 p.m.

MONTICELLO, Maine — Across the state, school is now out for summer. At the Wellington School, school is out forever.

With shrinking funding from the state and taxpayers unwilling or unable to make up the difference, the Regional School Unit 29 board decided in April that it would be best to bus the kids of Monticello to Houlton Elementary next year, 14 miles away.

At an assembly on the final day at the Wellington School, principal Cindy Peterson fought back tears as she high-fived students while handing out awards.

The tiny school with less than 70 students has a lot to be proud of — in a ranking of the 271 elementary schools across the state, Wellington came in at No. 10.