Dave Small’s favorite nature photos from 2012

Posted Jan. 02, 2013, at 1:52 p.m.

The new year brings a time for reflection to me. It seems like there are so many goals unrealized, some achieved, and some postponed.

After my HP computer crashed in October, I was forced to achieve a goal I’d procrastinated for two years…an upgrade to a more powerful system, more conducive to photography. Other personal successes and failures have been recognized and will be lined up for work in 2013.

My moniker is photosbychance, selected because I recognize that, other than mustering the ambition to go outside and pursue wildlife opportunities, I have very little to do with the chance opportunity that may result in a photo to share. I count my blessings for those opportunities and for you allowing me to share these gifts with you.

Enough of that. I’ve attached a few of my favorite images from 2012 for you to ponder. I hope you enjoy them.

The Alewife run in Damariscotta Mills. Gulls swallowing the fish on the fly to avoiding losing their catch to a competitor.

The juvenile American Bald Eagle that kept me company while I was ice fishing on Hermon Pond.

Black-capped chickadee, special when ever and where ever I see them!

The boreal chickadee was on my goal list to photograph for a long time a friend helped make it possible.

The juvenile broad-winged hawk at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge was also a goal realized…a special one at Johnson Brook.

The eastern chipmunks nuzzling at Essex Street Marsh were so enamored with each other they didn’t seem to mind my voyeurism!

It’s rare to be able to get close to critters, but this lesser yellow legs posed in the surf for several minutes.

I’ll not soon forget the muskrat that came running down the Stud Mill Road towards me, then right past me, checking me out as he passed by.

And last, the neighborhood red fox and her kits. This kit seem to to be saying “I’m brave and I’m ready to face this new world”. A

confident looking pose for sure.

As my little fox seems to suggest, I hope that I’ll launch into the new year with as much confidence and gusto.

Deb and I wish you the best in 2013.