Craving cupcakes? Seek a tiny trailer in Falmouth

Posted Aug. 02, 2012, at 4:31 p.m.

FALMOUTH, Maine — First the colorful little trailer catches your eye. Then you spot the chalkboard with a big cupcake drawn on it. The next thing you know you’re making a U-turn.

It seems most of Love Cupcakes’ customers pass by the first time before returning to the parking lot where Anna Turcotte and her husband, Joey, have set up shop. The cute trailer and its whimsical decorations attract the customers. The first bite of the gourmet dessert brings them back for more.

The couple bought the 1960s-era trailer a year ago and spent two months renovating it. Anna’s grandmother contributed a set of cupcake-theme curtains.

Their plans for the business were nearly abandoned because of ordinances that had forbid food trucks in Portland, where they live — those laws were recently changed; food trucks are now allowed, albeit with strict regulations. So the Turcottes and a business partner bake the cakes in Portland and sell them about a mile north of the city, next to Foreside Antiques on Route 1.

Most weeks they operate Wednesday through Saturday in the afternoon, until they sell out of their supply.