Chickadee, pileated woodpecker pose for photos

Posted Feb. 19, 2013, at 8:59 a.m.

Although I stayed close to home this past week, the local wildlife entertained me. Black-capped chickadees and tree sparrows were using my garage roof melt water for a bathing area. Lots of fun watching them for several minutes.

I always appreciate having the University of Maine Forest trail network accessible within a few yards of my home. It’s a tremendous resource. The pileated woodpecker was seen during a short bushwhack between trails through the forest.

I almost passed it by, thinking that it’s light tappings were either a downy or hairy woodpecker. A flash of red, plus a little movement drew me back to take a better look, lesson learned, big woodpeckers can make little noises!

I hope you’re enjoying Maine outdoors. It’s there, right off your door step.