Bugging out: Photos of spiders, beetles and dragonflies all over Maine

Posted Aug. 13, 2014, at 7:16 a.m.

Bugs are everywhere.

My cellar is full of spiders and my yard is full of bees. Dragonflies swoop around the pond where my dog likes to swim. Stag beetles, with their frightening-but-harmless horns, waddle out of the mulch around my cucumbers.

I see lots of bugs I can’t name, such as the one on the truck at the press conference last summer.

You can’t avoid houseflies. Just what a daddy longlegs is, I don’t know. It may be a kind of spider.

Japanese beetles cling to half-eaten leaves all over the place. There’s too many to squash.

I wish I could skitter across the top of the water like those little bugs that look like pine needles do.

Anyway, like I said, bugs are everywhere.