There is little emphasis on the challenges faced by family members when a loved one is struggling with mental illness or addiction. Addiction and untreated mental illness creates a high level of stress for parents, siblings and those close to the person. Everything from competing demands, internal and… Read More
    April is autism awareness month but building awareness throughout the year is important to improve our understanding of this ubiquitous condition. While social awareness has been increasing over the past decade, most people remain unclear as to its nature. According to the Autism Society of Maine (ASM), “Autism… Read More
    Today the practice of “whole person care” is more important than ever. While it can be difficult to sort out exactly where we’re at emotionally, our bodies are always giving us clues. Physical tension, G.I. distress, and lethargy are often signs that our mental health is suffering. A… Read More
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    St. Joseph Healthcare has introduced 3D Mammography, the latest advance in breast imaging, at its Regional Breast Care Center in Bangor. “This will make a huge difference in how breast cancer is detected, diagnosed and treated,” says Pam Sirois, director of the Center. “The images produced… Read More
    With the aging of post baby boomers our country’s population of elderly has risen dramatically, particularly in Maine. reports that 14% of Maine’s population is age 65 or above. Projections show that by 2030, over 22 percent of Mainers will be past traditional retirement age. Read More
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