Isabella Fogg discovered a hell on earth after the slaughter at Antietam. Born in New Brunswick in 1823, Isabella Morrison married William Fogg of Calais in 1837. She lived in Calais and had three children, including a son named Hugh Morrison Fogg who went to war… Read More
    Thomas W. Hyde led the 7th Maine Infantry to glory at Antietam, where 25 of his men died for nothing. Hailing from Bath, the 24-year-old Hyde commanded the 7th Maine by Sept. 17, 1862, when death, disease and desertion had thinned the regimental ranks to 15… Read More
    Rather than file a protest by firing a 10-pound Parrott rifle at the State Capitol in Augusta, an angry Capt. Freeman McGilvery wrote Gov. Israel Washburn a letter instead. After all, the governor might be more accommodating if cannonballs were not whizzing around his head. Read More
    Like the other soldiers belonging to the 14th Maine Infantry, George Washington Bartlett lost his pants during a battle fought at Baton Rouge, La. on Aug. 5, 1862. Born in Litchfield in 1827, Bartlett prospected for California gold, graduated from Bowdoin College (’54), and became a… Read More