Singles: Katie Stanley def. Stephanie Decker 8-8 tiebreaker, Makenzie Bell 8-3 def. Leah Civiello, Nicole Chasse def. Miranda Hayes 8-3; doubles: Mary Watson-Rebecca Carrell def. Caryn Boutaugh-Bev Guay 8-0; doubles: Kara LaPorte-Jelissa Grase by forfeit… Read More
    Houlton (0-1-3) 2, Stearns (1-1-5) 2 Singles: Stephanie Decker (S) def. Caleigh Sullivan 8-2; Leah Civiello (S) def.Tessa Winship 8-4; no third singles for either team; doubles: Janelle Levesque-Piper Flewelling (H) def.Miranda Hayes-Caryn Boutaugh 8-6; Madelene Anderson-June Choi (H) beat Athanasia Panakis-Bev Guay 8-4… Read More
    Stearns (1-5) 3, Houlton (0-5) 2 Singles: Stephanie Decker (S) beat Caleigh Sullivan 8-1; Leah Civiello (S) beat Tessa Winship 8-2; Piper Flewelling (H) won by forfeit; doubles: Janelle Levesque-Emily Mooers (H) beat Mranda Haynes-Caryn Boutaugh 8-2; Athanasia Panakis-Bev Guay (S) beat Lauren Hogan-Lexi Bartlett 8-6  … Read More
    Singles: Ciara Tolman (MA) def. Stephanie Decker (S) 8-3, Harli Maxwell (MA) def. Leah Civiello (S) 8-6, Katie Krapf (MA) by forfeit; doubles: Malia Shaefer-Leah Susen (MA) def Miranda Haynes 8-0, Emily Robinson-Christina Drake (MA) def Bev Guay-Caryn Boutaugh 8-2… Read More
    Singles; Lillie Mayfield def Stephanie Decker; Blair Whitmore def Leah Civiello; Aiesha Sargent won by default; doubles: Sabrina Fadillah-Pearl Jeanthanakanond def Miranda Hayes-Athanasi Panakis; Michelle Xiang-Jennie Michaels def Caryn Boutaugh-Berverly Guay  … Read More
    Singles: Alexandra Banks def. Stephanie Decker 8-2; Molly Banks def. Leah Civiello 9-7; Paige Chandler by forfeit; doubles: Amber Wilcoxson-Caitlyn Knight def. Athanasia Panakis-Miranda Hayes 8-5; Jordan Maxwell-Macie St. Pierre def. Beverly Guay-Caryn Boutaugh 8-5… Read More
    Schenck (1-0) 5, Stearns (0-1) 0 Singles: Katie Stanley (Sc) def. Stephanie Decker 9-7; Mackenzie Bell (Sc) def. Leah Civiello 8-2; Kara LaPorte (Sc) by forfeit; doubles: Mary Watson-Becca Carrell (Sc) def. Miranda Hayes-Athanasia Panakis 8-2; … Read More
    Singles: Chelsea Cyr def. Courtney Bragan 8-1, Caleigh Sullivan def. Taylor Lane 8-4, Sidney Sennett def. Autumn London 8-0; doubles: Grace Tan-Catherine Haven def. Jackie Condon-Jasmine Harvey 8-0, Janelle Levesque-Tessa Winship (H) beat Leah Civiello-Shelby Lane 9-8 (8-6). Read More
    Schenck girls (3-5) 3, Stearns (1-8) 2 Singles: Chelsea Cyr (St) def. Whitney York 9-7,  Mackenzie Bell (Sc) def. Taylor Lane 8-1, Katie Stanley (Sc) by default;  doubles: Mary Watson-Rebecca Carrell (Sc) def Grace Tan-Catherine Haven 8-5, Leah Civello-Shelby Lane (St) def. Ashley Murray and Lexie Hoxie 8-3… Read More
    Singles: Megan Burrill def. Chelsea Cyr 8-3; Caprice Stevens def.  Taylor Lane 8-3; Alex Banks by default; doubles: Paige Chandler-Marina Mann def. Shelby Lane-Catherine Haven 8-3; Shannon Lee-Molly Banks def. Grace Tan-Leah Civiello 8-2… Read More
    Penquis 5, Stearns 0 Singles: Caitlyn Durant (P) def. Chelsea Cyr 8-1, 8-2, Lauryn Bellatty (P) def. Taylor Lane 8-0 and Taylor Severance (P) def. Taylor Lane 8-1; doubles: Elizabeth Holler-Haley Knowles (P) def. Shuai Ni Tan-Leah Civiello 8-3, 8-2, Shelby Lane-Catherine Haven (S) def. Maddie Ruffin-Michelle… Read More
    Singles: Lillie Mayfield def. Chelsea Cyr 8-1, Taylor Gray def. Taylor Lane 8-2, Misugi Kawabe by forfeit; doubles: Kate Berry-Aiesha Sargent def. Grace Tan-Sydney Sennett 8-1; Annika Gallant-Sabrina Fadilla def. Shelly Lane-Catherine Haven 8-1… Read More