Press Release

Your Water: H2O and What Else?

Mike Gelberg, President of Air & Water Quality Inc., will discuss residential water supplies at the Blue Hill Public Library Wednesday April 17 at 7:00 PM. Topics will include water sources, water delivery systems, public vs. private water systems, water testing, water contaminants and water treatment options.

It is fairly well known that arsenic is a common contaminant found in groundwater in the area surrounding Blue Hill. In fact, some of the highest concentrations of arsenic in the State of Maine are found in this area. There are many other contaminants in groundwater—some that can create health problems and some that do not. Mr. Gelberg will talk about these contaminants, along with currently recommended water testing and treatment solutions.

Mr. Gelberg has an undergraduate engineering degree from MIT and pursued graduate studies at Case Western Reserve University. Earlier in his career he worked on the Apollo and Skylab space programs. Air & Water Quality Inc. has been providing solutions to water quality issues in Maine homes, schools, hospitals and laboratories for over 23 years. A little over two years ago, Air & Water Quality Inc. opened their local office at 388 Bangor Road in Ellsworth. For more information call the Library at 374-5515.