Press Release

Workshop to Help Homeowners

LINCOLN, Maine — Smart’s True Value Annex in Lincoln is working with Penquis to support a program to help homeowners save on their heating and cooling costs by holding a workshop at 5:30 p.m.  Monday, June 18 at the Annex, 51 Main Street.

Eligible homeowners can receive expert energy advice, reimbursement for materials and information specific to their home and where it leaks air. The “Do It Yourself” Air Sealing Program, funded by the JTG Foundation and administered by Penquis, offers homeowners a free blower door test.

This test will depressurize the home and in the process show where air is leaking into the home. Those who participate will receive an individualized program to address the air leaks unique to their home, up to $200 reimbursement for air sealing materials, such as spray foam, door sweeps, caulk, and weather-stripping, and a follow-up home energy audit to evaluate the effectiveness of the steps taken to stop the air leaks.

Individuals that meet the income requirements can also apply for the additional services offered through the Air Sealing program. A family of four with a household income between $33,525 -$62,400 may be eligible for the Air Sealing program.

For more information contact Mike Bush at 207-973-3545 or 800-215-4942 or email