Press Release

Vets for Peace Meet in Augusta

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Tom Sturtevant Chapter of Veterans for Peace will convene their monthly business meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 28, at the Mediation Center, 11 King Street. Interested veterans are invited.

Veterans for Peace (VFP) is a national organization comprised of over 130 chapters with over 5000 members. The founders, five Maine veterans, representing WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, found common cause in their distress with American militarism. Their conversation led to the creation of VFP in 1985 and it has since become a major voice in the peace movement across the country. The Veterans for Peace mission statement commits members to work

a) toward increasing public awareness of the costs of war,

b) to restrain our government from intervening in the internal affairs of other nations,

c) to end the arms race and—to eliminate nuclear weapons,

d) to seek justice for veterans and victims of war, and

e) to abolish war as an instrument of foreign policy.

Items of business to be discussed at the chapter meeting will include the state-wide Bring Our War Dollars Home Campaign, a demonstration at the USAF Thunderbird Air Show scheduled for August 25 and 26, and exhibiting at the Common Ground Fair.

The Maine (founding) chapter was recently renamed in memory of the much beloved member, Tom Sturtevant, a long-time activist and educator from Winthrop, who died in January.

For information contact, Dud Hendrick 348-2511



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