Press Release

Understanding Friendship Quilts at Wilson Museum

CASTINE, Maine — Inspired by a recently donated friendship quilt from the Brooksville area, the Wilson Museum has invited Lynne Bassett to give a lecture, “The Romantic Era: Understanding Friendship Quilts,”  at at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 5, at the museum, 120 Perkins St.

The friendship quilt fashion was at its height between about 1840 and 1865. Bassett will describe the religious fervor, sentimentality and social stresses of the era to provide an understanding of the significance of the quilts.

Bassett is an independent museum consultant and author specializing in New England’s historic costumes and textiles. A former curator of textiles and fine arts at Old Sturbridge Village, she consults and lectures at historical societies and museums.

The Wilson Museum is creating its own friendship quilt with signatures from its membership

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