Press Release

Tilson in Portland wins two federal contracts

PORTLAND, Maine — Tilson completed two major milestones in federal contracting in January.

Tilson has been added to the General Services Administration IT Schedule 70 Contract. The IT Schedule 70 allows for federal, state, and local government agencies to purchase a range of information technology professional services from Tilson easily and efficiently. Having a GSA Schedule provides government customers instant access to products and services via GSA’s e-commerce website. Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government.

Also in January, Tilson completed the Veterans Administration Center for Veteran Enterprise verification process as a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern (SDVOSBC). The Veterans Administration recently implemented a stringent verification process to ensure that businesses representing as SDVOSBC’s are in fact controlled by the veteran, and meet a long list of compliance requirements.

The Veterans Administration’s verification is the gold standard in the federal government for certification as a SDVOSBC. Benefits of being a verified SDVOSBC include exclusive access to federal government set-aside contracts that are only available to SDVOSBC companies; public listing in the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) database that federal procurement officials use when searching for vendors and suppliers; and increased attractiveness to large federal prime contractors.

Tilson is a high growth team of telecom and information technology professionals with a worldwide practice. Tilson provides services to industry and government in:

• Information technology, including software development, project management, and information security

• Fiber optic engineering, permitting, and construction management

• Wireless site acquisition, construction management, and DAS for mobile carriers, public safety, and smart grid applications.