Press Release

The Future of Health Center

JACKMAN, Maine — Since late last year  Jackman – Moose River area residents have been studying ways to guarantee the future of the local Jackman Region

Health Center.  The key issue the community faces is how to strengthen

the Health Center’s financial situation.

With help from the Greater Somerset Public Health Collaborative, the

community received a planning grant to investigate how the Health

Center might become a “federally qualified health center (FQHC).”  If

this is achieved, it will stabilize the Health Center’s finances by allowing the center to receive federal funds, and also to receive higher reimbursements from Medicaid and Medicare for the medical services provided.

The committee looked in detail at how a FQHC might be structured and operated.   The requirements were studied for converting the Health Center into a FQHC and work began to meet those requirements. The committee’s key priorities have been to maintain the health services the towns already have and to boost the community’s ability to access additional needed services, all the while stabilizing its finances.

In the near future they plan to complete an application to the federal government for FQHC status.

If community members have any questions or ideas, please feel free

steering committee members.


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