Press Release

“Teens To Trails” Wraps Up Their Founding Members Campaign

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Teens To Trails (T3) is proud to announce the successful conclusion of their Founding Members Campaign. Teens To Trails has transitioned from an organization founded and run by volunteers to a membership organization funded by the commitment of dedicated supporters.

The Campaign raised more than $30,000 with generous support from more than 140 individuals, organizations, and businesses will help make Teens To Trails a sustainable organization into the future. The fundraising effort will enable the expansion of outreach to new high schools and existing Outing Clubs, increased programming, and allows Teens To Trails to take bold new steps including the launch of the Association of Maine Outing Clubs, while retaining staff positions.

Benefits of membership include a free ticket to a 2014 screening of the Maine Outdoor Film Festival on Tour with T3; an entry to win a 4-day/3-night canoe trip for six with Maine Path and Paddle Guides following Thoreau’s historic path down the West Branch of the Penobscot River or along the international border between Maine and New Brunswick on the St Croix River; and an invitation to gather at a special Founding Members event in March to connect with T3’s Founders, Board, Staff, and Outing Club representatives at AMC’s Pinkham Notch. Founding Members will also be recognized in perpetuity and are published on the Teens To Trails website.

Although the Founding Members Campaign has finished, it is not too late to support Teens To Trails and high school Outing Clubs. Visit the Teens To Trails website to become a member of T3 and learn more about all of the exciting things going on in the world of Maine teens in the outdoors.

Teens To Trails is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization engaging Maine teens in the outdoors. T3’s goal is to establish an Outing Club in every Maine high school community, thereby promoting fun outdoor adventures, healthy lifestyles and environmental stewardship. For more information on becoming a member of Teens To Trails and other T3 events, visit