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Talk about pesticides

AUGUSTA, Maine — A mild winter and an extremely wet spring may have given bugs, blights, and weeds a leg up on Mainers this year. When these rise to the level of pests and become a problem — to our homes, our gardens, our farms, and ourselves — there are various ways of combating them, including pulling, pruning, and squishing, as well as using pesticides.

When pesticides are used in Maine, the Board of Pesticides Control, under the Maine Department of Agriculture, want Mainers to know their rights and responsibilities regarding pesticide notification.

To help get the word out about Maine residents’ rights and responsibilities, the Board of Pesticides Control is circulating an informational poster incorporating the message and directing those interested to go to the board’s Web site or to call the board’s office for more information.

For details on Maine’s pesticide notification law, a copy of the poster for display, or to learn more about the proper use of pesticides, go to http://www.thinkfirstspraylast.gor or call 207-287-2731.

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