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Summit to install 85 miles of pipeline in Kennebec Valley

WATERVILLE, Maine – Summit Natural Gas of Maine announced today that gas is now flowing to residential and business customers in the town of Fairfield, along with Huhtamaki Inc., located near the Fairfield and Waterville line. The town of Fairfield is the fifth municipality to begin receiving gas from Summit. Natural gas from the company’s more than 100 miles of pipeline is also flowing to customers in Gardiner, Hallowell, Augusta and Waterville. More than 130 residential customers and more than 25 business customers have signed up for gas service in Fairfield.

“As we begin phase two of the Kennebec Valley project, we are focusing on our continued commitment to the residential customers in the region. We want to help as many people as possible convert to natural gas this year so they save on their heating costs next winter. Homeowners should contact us now to request service so they can experience all the benefits and convenience of natural gas, and insure service in 2014,” said Mike Minkos, president of Summit Natural Gas of Maine.

This year, Summit Natural Gas of Maine will be installing more miles of additional natural gas pipelines to residential areas than any other company in Maine.

With construction set to begin in April, the company’s 2014 construction program will consist of 85 miles of additional distribution pipeline in the Kennebec Valley area, including 36 miles in Waterville and Fairfield and provide an opportunity for thousands of potential residential customers in the Kennebec Valley to have access to natural gas in 2014.

In total, more than 1,800 residential customers have signed up with Summit for natural gas service and to benefit from the efficiency rebates available.

“As we continue to install natural gas pipelines up the Kennebec Valley, we hear great things from residents and businesses that have already started to save on their energy costs. For Huhtamaki, one of our anchor customers, it’s exciting to hear about the extremely positive impact switching to natural gas will have on their business,” said Minkos.

Huhtamaki is a leading manufacturer of molded fiber tableware, including the popular Chinet brand. The Waterville plant is one of 10 in the United States and about 40 worldwide owned by Huhtamaki. The plant produces around 1.35 billion pieces of Chinet and approximately 450 million coffee holders and trays annually.

In addition to Huhtamaki in Waterville, more than 500 commercial customers have already signed contracts with Summit, including the city of Augusta, Skowhegan Savings, Inland Hospital in Waterville, Redington-Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan, Sappi Fine Paper North America in Skowhegan and UPM Madison.

Businesses and residents should contact the Summit Natural Gas of Maine office in Augusta to request natural gas service. To learn more about service areas and the construction project, call (855) 353-4433 or visit

Summit Utilities, Inc., the parent company of Summit Natural Gas of Maine, operates 20 natural gas districts throughout Colorado and Missouri, and specializes in providing natural gas to areas that are either hard to serve or that aren’t being served. These districts represent approximately 40,000 customers, $292 million in assets, 400 miles of high-pressure steel main lines and approximately 1,500 miles of polyethylene main lines.


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