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Summit Natural Gas of Maine announces expansion plans for 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine – Summit Natural Gas of Maine has announced that it intends to move forward with an additional $110 million expansion plan in 2014. The company’s plan includes expanding natural gas service to the towns of Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth, and the phase two build out of their Kennebec Valley project that will benefit thousands of residents and businesses in Maine.

“This decision is exciting for people in Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth because it allows us to immediately implement our plans to install natural gas pipelines in southern Maine and serve customers by 2014,” said Mike Minkos, president of Summit Natural Gas of Maine. “In the Kennebec Valley, we have contracts with well over 1,400 customers and we are nearly completed with phase one. The approval for phase two allows us to expand our infrastructure and serve even more customers next year. We will make the $110 million investment in the two regions as part of our passionate commitment to deliver on our promise to provide a more affordable heating source across the state.”

Summit Natural Gas of Maine’s construction on the natural gas pipeline is well underway in the Kennebec Valley, with 99 percent of the steel transmission pipeline that runs from Pittston to Madison already installed. Several construction firms have built out the first phase of the company’s planned $350 million Kennebec Valley natural gas transmission and distribution project. The company has been conducting safety tests recently for the gas lines and will turn on the gas in December.

In addition to hundreds of residential customers, Summit Natural Gas of Maine has also secured contracts with commercial customers that include Huhtamaki, Inland Hospital, Redington-Fairview Hospital, Sappi Fine Paper North America and UPM Madison as well as many small businesses. The company also was selected by the City of Augusta to provide natural gas service to the city’s many municipal facilities and schools. To learn more about service areas and the construction project, call (855) 353-4433 or visit

Summit Utilities, Inc., the parent company of Summit Natural Gas of Maine, operates 20 natural gas districts throughout Colorado and Missouri, and specializes in providing natural gas to areas that are either hard to serve or that aren’t being served. These districts represent approximately 40,000 customers, $292 million dollars in assets, 400 miles of high-pressure steel main lines and approximately 1,500 miles of polyethylene gas main lines.


About Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc.:

Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc. is a subsidiary of Summit Utilities, Inc. Summit Utilities, Inc. acts as a holding company that owns and operates Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc.; Colorado Natural Gas, Inc.; Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Inc.; and Wolf Creek Energy LLC. The company’s natural gas subsidiaries construct, install and operate natural gas distribution systems in order to provide natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers. For more information visit,