Press Release

Radio announcer’s Hobbit Hole residency raises funds for winterization projects

BANGOR, Maine — Pat LaMarche of the “Pulse” morning show is back in the “Hobbit Hole” all this week on the front lawn of Stephen King’s Bangor radio stations (WZON and WKIT) on Broadway.

LaMarche will live in the “Hobbit Hole” and collect donations to help raise money for “winterization” funding to be distributed by the local CAP programs in the area. The money will be used to help seal up gaps around the windows and doors of some Mainers who otherwise could not afford to do so.

“We’ll be accepting donations of cash and checks all this week and hope to make a difference for some people who need help. Being out here in the cold Hobbit Hole, brings the problem to the forefront for me. It’s only five days for me. For many Mainers, it’s a reality for the entire winter,” La Marche said.

People can also drop off new, warm clothing items like socks, jackets, hats, mittens, scarves and the likes. Some of the clothing items collected will be donated to Stockings for Seniors, a program that targets local seniors for the holidays. Items that don’t fit the senior criteria will be given to local agencies for distribution to the needy across the area.

As a third component to the effort, ZoneRadio has teamed up with Central Maine Wireless on Broadway to collect used cell phones for the Cell Phones for Soldiers program. For every phone dropped off at either the Hobbit Hole or at the Central Maine Wireless store in the Broadway Shopping Center this week, 50 cents will be donated to the Help Keep Me Warm effort.


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