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Putney Donates Medicines to UNE’s Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center

PORTLAND, Maine — Putney, Inc., a rapidly growing veterinary pharmaceutical company focused on the development and sale of generic prescription medicines, has established a program to donate its generic medicines to the University of New England’s Marine Animal Rehabilitation and Conservation program (MARC). The facility rehabilitates and releases approximately one hundred stranded marine mammals and sea turtles each year, many of which arrive at MARC injured or ill. Answering a request from MARC’s veterinary staff for a donation of its veterinary generic drugs, Putney is supporting the program’s scientific mission by helping them treat the medical needs of stranded marine mammals with free veterinary generics of the expensive branded medicines that are cost-prohibitive.

Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Ph.D., Director of the Marine Science Center, says the donation comes at a critical time, when many outside funding sources are drying up. “Putney’s generosity means our scientists and staff have additional time to focus on their primary work – developing the most effective means of rehabilitation and researching the state of the marine environment. As a sentinel species, marine mammals help us to evaluate the health of our oceans and to characterize the impact of emerging diseases and human actions on our aquatic ecosystem,” says Dr. Costa-Pierce.

After a visit to the facility, Jean Hoffman, President and CEO of Putney, says she is impressed by the caliber of work being done at MARC and the dedication of the staff. “UNE is the only university on the east coast with a marine rehabilitation center located on its campus. Putney is pleased to support the research and rehabilitation programs conducted at this unique and important facility,” says Hoffman.


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The Marine Animal Rehabilitation and Conservation program is an important division of the University of New England’s Marine Science Education and Research Center. The rehabilitation facility is part of a network of centers authorized by the National Marine Fisheries Service to rehabilitate stranded marine mammals and sea turtles. MARC works to develop the most effective means of rehabilitation and researches the causes of marine mammal mortality and the state of the marine environment.


Image #1 – UNE’s Kristen Patchett, Interim Marine Animal Rehabilitation Coordinator, discusses the pharmacy needs of the MARC facility with Putney’s Jean Hoffman and Dr. Tracy Revoir, DVM.

Image #2 – UNE’s Asheley Simpson, MARC Animal Care and Laboratory Technician, introduces the Putney team members to a group of soon-to-be released seals.

Image #3 – Seals at MARC facility.