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PUC hearing set on proposed Fryeburg well lease to Nestle


AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Public Utilities Commission will hold a public witness hearing to hear citizen views on Fryeburg Water Company (FWC)’s proposal to lease one of its wells to Nestle Waters of North America (Nestle) on Thursday, March 7.  The hearing will be held beginning at 6 p.m. in the Fryeburg Legion Hall at 47 Bradley St. in Fryeburg.

“This public hearing will give the commission an opportunity to hear the views of citizens about the proposal,” noted Commission Chair Thomas Welch. “It is our job to decide whether the proposal is consistent with the interest of ratepayers and we appreciate the public sharing their views.”

All comments are placed in the case file and the hearing transcript will be available on the Commission’s website.

Fryeburgh Water Co. submitted its proposed contract to the PUC in August 2012. The company seeks the PUC’s approval to enter into a long-term contract with Nestle for lease of one of its wells and the extraction of water. The contract proposed by FWC would replace the current agreement between the company and Nestle, require Nestle to pay for a minimum amount of water yearly, and have a term of 25 years with provisions allowing extension of the contract.

FWC is a water utility regulated by the PUC, whose responsibility it is to determine if the utility’s proposal to lease one of its wells to Nestle is reasonable and in the public interest.

For information on this case filed with the Commission, go to the Commission website ( and access the Case Management System.  Enter docket number 2012-00487 in the Case Lookup field to retrieve available documents.



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