Press Release

Photographer to give slide presentation, “The Big Cats of Africa”

BLUE HILL, Maine — International wildlife and travel photographer Gary Harmatz will give a slide presentation, “The Big Cats of Africa” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 23, at the Blue Hill Public Library. Harmatz just returned from his fifth trip to Africa photographing the big cats.

In his presentation, Harmatz asks, “What is it about our fascination for the “Big Cats of Africa?” Is it that they remind us of our lovable domestic house cats? Is it the beauty and elusiveness of the Leopard, the grace and speed of the Cheetah or the power and majesty of the ‘king of beasts,’ the Lion? Perhaps it is all of this.” Gary Harmatz will explore these questions and more, with beautifully exquisite images of these wonderfully fascinating big cats in the wild. He will share his knowledge of their natural history and the environment of the magnificent animals.

Gary Harmatz has been a wildlife, nature, travel and underwater photographer for over 24 years. As a wildlife photographer, his pursuit of adventure and those rare moments of capturing that intimate connection between man and animal have taken him around the planet. Whether it is photographing nearly extinct mountain gorillas in Central Africa, orangutans in the rain forests of Borneo or to the frozen north to capture images of polar bears or baby harp seals, he has been able to capture the essence of these animals. He has an extensive library of the major groups of animals from east, central and southern Africa.

For information, call the Library at 207-374-5515.