Press Release

PCHC Nurse Practitioner Residency program expands

Photo courtesy of PCHC

Nurse practitioners Emily Buchsbaum, Raya Ariella, Laura Rishel, and Jordan Albair will spend a year in the PCHC Nurse Practitioner Residency program providing services at Brewer Medical Center


BANGOR, Maine — Penobscot Community Health Care announced that its Nurse Practitioner Residency, which started in 2011, has expanded from two to four residents at the start of its second year. The four new licensed NP residents, Jordan Albair, Emily Buchsbaum, Laura Rishel, and Raya Ariella will practice and provide services at Brewer Medical Center, 735 Wilson St., under the leadership of Nurse Practitioner George Case, residency director; Dr. Meghan Mamula and Dr. Robert Allen, PCHC’ Executive Medical Director.

Nurse practitioner residents will receive an intensive and extremely well-rounded one year residency program in a range of clinical settings, allowing them to specialize in particular areas. The Health Resources and Services Administration of DHHS awarded PCHC a three-year grant of $650,000 to develop one of the first nurse practitioner residencies in the United States.