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Organizations recognized for food recycling efforts

LEWISTON, Maine — Several New Hampshire organizations and one in Maine trying to take some of the food waste out of the region’s landfills were recognized at the Northeast Resource Recovery Association’s two-day conference on recycling last week in Manchester, N.H.

During the Northeast Recycling Conference, the association focused on how New Hampshire restaurants, schools and organizations as a college in Maine college are taking the first steps toward the composting of food scraps.

Keene State College, University of New Hampshire at Durham and Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, were recognized for joining the association’s 1-year-old Food Recovery Challenge and doing what they can to minimize food waste.

The challenge encourages organizations to reduce, donate and recycle as much of their food waste as possible, in order to save money, feed the needy, and help protect the environment.

Bates College is the association’s newest member of the challenge.  The school has a long history of composting food waste as well as creative purchasing and food preparation to minimize waste and maximize food resources. Bates dining halls track 42 “waste” categories and ends up diverting 80 percent of its food waste from the solid waste stream.

For information about the association WasteWise program, the Re-TRAC tool for tracking an organization’s waste generation and reduction activities and how to join as a WasteWise Partner go to

For information about the Food Recovery Challenge, go to

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