Press Release

New Surry Theatre presents The Man of La Mancha

BLUE HILL, Maine — New Surry Theatre and Performing Arts School of Blue Hill is celebrating its 40th year! They had a delightful birthday present early this year when voted “Nonprofit of the Year” by the Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. Along with a season full of outstanding theater, kicked off by three shows all previously performed in the past 40 years, NST will be offering events and celebrations to the public throughout the year, all opportunities to get involved with the theater.

The year begins with The Man of La Mancha, a musical directed by Shari John, with musical direction by Scott Cleveland and choreography by Maureen Robinson. In celebration of their 40th year, this production will include displayed memorabilia from past NST productions of The Man of La Mancha, and a special after-hours preview party through the Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, March 22 from 5:30-7:30pm at the Blue Hill Town Hall Theater, free and open to the public, during which those interested will be able to see the set, hear a song from the show, and join in celebration of NST’s 40 years of theater.

The story of The Man of La Mancha is about playwright Cervantes and his manservant have been imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition. The inmates seize Cervantes’ manuscript and subject him to a mock trial to determine whether or not the manuscript should be returned. The manuscript contains the timeless story of Don Quixote, a knight of somewhat unusual colors, who paints a distinctly unique portrait of living the best life possible. There has never been a time when it isn’t comforting to think that there is hope for a better world. After all Cervantes and Quixote go through, the man continually strives for good. When asked why doesn’t he just give up – Quixote responds, “… and let wickedness flourish?” Full of beautiful music and flavorful characters, this play, inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’ seventeenth century masterpiece, Don Quixote, continues to be as timely as when the story was written. New Surry Theatre first performed The Man of La Mancha in 1973, and they are delighted to bring you this special performance in celebration of their 40th year. So, join us starting March 30th for a journey with a wonderful mad man, and help put wickedness back into its box.

Performances at the Blue Hill Town Hall Theatre at 7 p.m. March 30 & 31, April 12-14, and 19-21  and at 3 p.m. April 1 & 15. Tickets are $18 for adults, $15 for seniors and students.

For more information or to reserve tickets, call 200-4720 or email