Press Release

New Soccer Club in Old Town is formed

Old Town Recreation and Old Town Y join forces to form soccer club.

Black Bear Soccer Alliance

The Old Town YMCA sports director and Old Town Recreation Department director have decided to join forces to form a soccer club in the greater Old Town area to help promote youth soccer. Brian Pordon and Kevin McPhee, respectively, both agreed that working separate from each other was much more taxing than working together and this collaboration just made sense across the board. With the help of local parents and coaches, the concept has become reality, forming Black Bear Soccer Alliance, set to begin fielding teams this coming fall.


Eric Damboise-Club President

David Hamel-Vice President and Director of Coaching

Brian Pordon-Treasurer

Adam Mahaney-Registrar

Colin Voter-Referee Assignor

Sharon Damboise-Risk Management

Board members at large

Kevin McPhee

Cid Dyjack

Scott Talcove

Mark Graffam