Press Release

Nepal: 45 Years Observing Tradition and Change

Brooksville resident Jeff Kaley will give a slide presentation about Nepal at the Blue Hill Public Library at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb 13. Over the last 45 years, Jeff has made frequent visits back to Nepal where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural villages for four years beginning in 1967. On his return visits he has traveled throughout the cities, towns and countryside, often off the tourist tracks.

These regular visits have enabled Jeff to develop long-term friendships, perform community service and learn about this fascinating country. In his presentation, Jeff offers an insider’s view of how life has changed over the years in this tiny, culturally rich, tradition-bound, and historically isolated Himalayan country. He will share stories recounting the history, customs, culture and people, illustrated with photographs and a display of daily and ritual artifacts from Nepal.

For more information call the Library at 374-5515.