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MSAD 41 Chair Don Crossman seeking County Commissioner‘s seat

MILO, Maine — Don Crossman of Milo is a candidate for County Commissioner in the third district. “I believe that I will be an asset to Piscataquis County in this time of opportunity for rural Maine” Don lists his priority’s as twofold:

1 Economic development:

Piscataquis County is ready for growth. It will not likely arrive as a Private Prison in Milo or a Resort in Brownville. As a community we have expended much energy, time and tax payer’s money on looking outside our county for the economic cure that has not arrived. I say look inward to the successful small businessmen who are the foundation of our local economy. They have the answers in their success. One job at a time.

2 Autonomy and Respect:

Piscataquis county employees deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and be afforded the autonomy to provide the services that our citizens pay for. I believe that the citizens of our county are best served by a Sheriff’s department that is not micro-managed and that has an adequate affordable budget that enables this vital service to be accomplished for the citizens of Piscataquis County. Autonomy and Respect for our Public servants

Community Service:

Don has been a member of the MSAD 41 Board of Directors for the past 9 years serving the last seven as the Board Chair. He has helped maintain budgets that are lean, affordable and meet the needs of our children. He has lead this board in its formation of AOS-43 and respective savings our communities have experienced because of this consolidation. Of more importance, this sharing of resources will present expanding opportunities to our children.

He has been a strong advocate of small rural schools fighting to maintain the viability of all of our schools in the District. “Our schools are the heart and soul of our communities “

He served for several years as an EMT for Three Rivers Ambulance enjoying this opportunity to serve the public.

His experience as a small business owner has taught him the value of a dollar and the need to stay with a budget that is affordable. He has the ability to make the tough financial choices that will be necessary.

Military Experience: Don served on activity duty with the U.S. Army from 1969-1972 continuing on as a part–time soldier with the Maine ARMY National Guard until his retirement in 1997.

Employment: Don has been employed at the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric center for the past 24 years. He currently is the Clinical Nurse Manager of an acute psychiatric unit taking pride in the excellent care this facility provides to our citizens.

Don is married to the former Joni Bishop of Lagrange a marriage that has brought joy and meaning to his life. On November 6th I urge you to cast your vote for Don Crossman.

Don Crossman

3 Summer Street

Milo Maine 04463



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