Press Release

MPX, Portland-based company, gets 2013 PEAK Awards in printing services/distribution industry

PORTLAND, Maine — MPX was honored to receive the Print Excellence and Knowledge  award in two categories for 2013. Awards were presented in March at the Print Services & Distribution Association headquarters in Chicago, Ill.

The PEAK awards honor the work of print and marketing professionals who have met their customers’ needs by providing outstanding value-added products and services through creativity in design, production, and fulfillment. These awards are affiliated with the PSDA, a membership based network of printing professionals dedicated to providing unique marketing and business communications solutions to end-user customers through the distributor channel.

MPX received accolades in the print category for Best Digital Solution, by reinventing the statement design for the Bank of Maine, a financial institution with roots over 150 years in operation. The Bank of Maine wanted to modernize its statements and move away from its outdated, in-house print shop. MPX was charged with reinventing the look of the statement and assuming the printing services. By closing down their internal print house, the Bank of Maine saw an immediate savings of $50,000 per year. Additionally, after several collaborative discussions regarding the bank’s needs, MPX recognized an opportunity to utilize their statements for targeted marketing purposes. Statements were modernized in a clean, concise manner and positioned as a cross-selling tool with designated marketing messaging areas. The Bank of Maine was able to save money by shutting down their print house, create a new streamlined statement design with an added benefit to showcase a new marketing channel through the new statement redesign.

Recognition was also received for Supply Chain Solution in the fulfillment category. MPX already had an established relationship with FairPoint Communications, a New England based Communications Company, printing their statements. In addition to providing phone services, FairPoint provides DSL high speed internet service. The modems to access this service was originally taken over from Verizon, who contracted with the modem manufacturers to do fulfillment. During this transition, several changes occurred involving processes with the modem manufacturer that were not favorable for FairPoint. MPX approached FairPoint with a new fulfillment process that saved money and improved the customer experience. A comprehensive, streamlined process to fulfill modem request, receive returned modems, and print materials on demand with personalization was created. MPX developed a customized online portal to accompany the physical storage, inventory management, and shipping of modems. The portal included tracking capabilities as well as modem order entry, order lookup and portal activity by user and was directly connected to the FairPoint system. The revised process saved money, and improved both the customer and end-user experience. This was achieved by adding automation and reducing manual processes and providing access to information that was previously unavailable to FairPoint customer service representatives. Both the customer and end-user experience were greatly improved. Going forward custom reports are provided to help manage inventory, materials, budgets and services. Overall, the customer service relationship vastly improved, and a transition from a clunky fulfillment process to simply replenishing the inventory was put into place. FairPoint is expected to see a savings of $80,000 per year with this implementation.

MPX is honored to be among the 2013 PEAK award recipients which recognizes innovative work in the printing solutions industry. MPX continues to strive for excellence and hopes to be honored as one of Maine’s best places to work, making this the fourth time receiving this esteemed recognition. Announcements for Best Places to Work in Maine, are shared in August by the Maine State Council of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

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