Press Release

MaineDOT adjusts construction schedule on Route 3

TRENTON, Maine — MaineDOT, as well as four utility companies, have been working on Route 3 in Trenton.  On Tuesday, MaineDOT’s contactor crews switched to a daytime work schedule and the department has been monitoring the impact on traffic.  “We expected lower traffic volumes due to fewer tourists but we are seeing traffic backups that are more significant than expected,” said Brad Foley, MaineDOT highway program manager.  “We are going back to night work.”  However, construction and utility crews will work Friday,  Oct. 12, though two-way traffic will be maintained.

MaineDOT will continue to monitor traffic and, if numbers diminish in a few weeks, could return to a modified day schedule.  In the meantime, the traffic signal at the head of the island may be adjusted to allow more green time.

Utility pole installation has been completed but three utilities still have work to do. MaineDOT and the utilities are working together in an effort to minimize traffic impacts.

“We regret the inconvenience the project has caused and ask for the public’s patience,” Foley said.  “We are reconstructing this heavily traveled route so we have to be in the roadway — there’s no way around it.” 

Motorists are traveling on a gravel surface so delays should be expected, even when crews are not working. The department is trying to complete the $2.3 million project before the 2013 summer tourist season.

The project includes reconstruction of one-tenth of a mile of Route 230 and six-tenths of a mile of Route 3 in the vicinity of Route 230 in Trenton. To improve safety and traffic flow, the intersection of Routes 230 and 3 has been redesigned to include a new traffic signal and turning lanes.


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