Press Release

Maine Water Co. files rate request with PUC for Hartland Division

HARTLAND, Maine — Maine Water Co. filed a water rate increase request on April 10 with the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for its Hartland Division. Maine Water’s request of $14,326 in additional revenues would add about 8-cents per day to the water bill of a residential customer who uses 400 cubic feet per month, or about 100 gallons per day. The last time rates were increased in the Hartland Division was 2007.

The PUC has up to nine months to review the request and make a final decision, although a decision could be made sooner. All customers will be mailed a notice of this proceeding, which outlines their rights to participate in the process.

“We have held rates stable for more than 5 years” stated Maine Water President Judy Wallingford in a Maine Water press release. “During this period, we have seen declining water consumption and declining revenue, while some of our costs remain fixed and do not decrease when consumption decreases. We have absorbed the impact of declining revenues for the past five years, including the additional year that we agreed to not raise rates after the purchase of Aqua Maine by Connecticut Water. We have now reached the point where we need to increase revenue levels to ensure that we can continue to maintain the level of water quality and service that our customers expect.”

If the PUC were to approve Maine Water’s entire rate request, the average monthly bill for a customer using 400 cubic feet of water would be $36.68. Residential customers, on average, will pay about a $1.20 per day for their water needs or just over a penny per gallon of water delivered directly to their tap.

The Hartland water system serves 370 customers in the Town of Hartland and is one of 20 Maine water or wastewater systems owned or operated by Maine Water.# # #