Press Release

Maine Internet Radio, LLC, launched end of January

Monday January 28, 2013 marked the launch of Maine Internet Radio, a one of a kind broadcasting company based in Bangor, Maine. Maine Internet Radio is a simple concept: deliver great local radio programming using state of the art technology.

Maine Internet Radio currently features five streams: The Rebel playing the rocking hits of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. The Alt Vault with Cori Skall which cranks out the best alternative rock of the past 25 years. The Jet with Sky Taylor featuring up-tempo contemporary hit music with no hip hop or old rock mixed in. The Jet is the perfect mix of music to make your work day fly by. Mainely 80’s plays the hits of the 80’s with a few 70’s tossed in hosted by Dan Cashman, and Toddler Tunes, music for the whole family featuring the tunes of Maine’s own Rick Charette.

All streams can be accessed through . The streams present CD quality audio and work on all devices including phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

“Radio is meant to be programmed locally with the community, listeners and advertisers in mind. Over the years that concept has been largely lost,” says President and founder of Maine Internet Radio Jeff Solari. “We are committed to hiring local people work on our streams, providing Mainers with local talk, information, entertainment and contests. The basic elements that once made local radio cool.”

All of the Maine Internet Radio streams are free! And we don’t think playing 12-15 commercials an hour is a good idea. Listeners tune out and advertisers don’t benefit. You’ll never hear long commercial breaks on any of our streams. In fact we’ll never stop the music for more than ninety seconds, and never more than three times an hour.

“People ask me all of the time how we are going to compete with I- Tunes, Pandora, Spotify and other major Internet music providers,” says Jeff Solari. “Maine Internet Radio about the music, local information and contests and is meant to compliment, not compete with those companies. They have already established the market place. We just want a small local share.”

“We also know you want the process to be interactive, like the old days when you called a station to request songs or ask a question,” says Cori Skall who programs the Alt Vault. “Through our blogs and social media, you can always reach out to us and you can count on us replying.”

For more information contact Jeff Solari at