Press Release

Maine filmmaker to screen work at Trinidad, Tobago Film Festival

PORTLAND, Maine — “Five Bones,” a short documentary by Maine Film maker Tyler Johnston will screen at the Trinidad and Tobago Film festival this year. “Five Bones” also won the First Look award at the Bahamas International Film Festival.

The documentary provides a glimpse into the world of four boys of Haitian decent, who live in an under-privileged community in the Bahamas. With few resources available they build kites out of the most basic materials to entertain themselves.

The short was filmed in the Bahamas by Tyler Johnston of Sphere Productions and edited in Maine by Corey Norman of BonFire Films, with music provided by British composer Maxine Lincoln.

A feature length documentary, “The Mud,” is already in the works, following up the success of “Five Bones.” “The Mud” will further explore the complex history of a Haitian immigrants living in the Bahamas.

“‘Five Bones’ is the start of much larger project about cultural relations and immigration issues in the Bahamas. These are fundamental issues all societies address in one form or another, so it’s a universal theme with a Caribbean focus,” said film director Tyler Johnston.

Johnston graduated from the Maine College of Art and produces the Portland Maine Film Festival.


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