Press Release

Maine Doctor Starts Health Project in Kenya

LEWISTON, Maine – Dr. Stephen Sokol of Lewiston, has launched what he states may be the newest and likely the smallest Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on the planet. A resident of Maine since 1970, he has practiced in Norway-South Paris, Lewiston-Auburn, Togus, Portland and most recently for the University of New England as Assistant Professor of Geriatrics.

He received a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Public Health from the Humboldt University, School of Tropical Medicine, in Berlin, Germany, in 1992. He has spent considerable time Africa and other developing nations working for Doctors without Borders, the International Rescue Committee and the International Medical Corps in refugee camps in Darfur, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and other countries.

Dr. Sokol has started with Dr. John Ott, “Madaktari I Kenya”, which means “Doctors in Kenya” in Kiswahili. The organization has been established in the Lake Victoria region of Kenya in a town called Kendu Bay. The area has approximately 162,000 inhabitants without any physicians at the public health facilities. Infant mortality is high, life expectancy low and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is one of the highest in the world.

Dr. Sokol plans to return to Kenya in August. More information on Madaktari I Kenya may be found on the website at www.madaktariikenya,com or on the Madaktari I Kenya Facebook Page.