Press Release

Maine Dental Association grant supports fluoridation

BAILEYVILLE, Maine – New Maine drinking standards that require a reduction in the level of fluoridation in community water often require new equipment purchases for Maine’s public water districts, especially in small towns.

In the town of Baileyville, with a population of about 1,550, the cost of the new equipment provided a challenge for the water district. The challenge resulted in a town vote in early June asking residents if they wanted to continue fluoridation of their water supply.

With a lot of education and outreach by local dentist Dr. Brian Hoops, and Dr. Thomas McHugh, a local general practice physician and surgeon, the town’s vote was a resounding yes. An important factor in the community’s vote to retain fluoridation was the commitment of a financial contribution from two Maine foundations.

To help offset the cost of new equipment, the Maine Dental Association Charitable Foundation will give the town $3,000. Northeast Delta Dental Foundation will provide $1,000.