Press Release

Maine Community Health Options co-sponsors program featuring national experts on value-based insurance design and Choosing Wisely

Maine Community Health Options (MCHO) co-hosted a program featuring two nationally known speakers who discussed value based insurance design (VBID) and Choosing Wisely® initiatives.

The program featured Dr. A. Mark Fendrick, director, University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design, and Dr. Barbara Crowley, executive vice president of MaineGeneral Health.

The Maine Medical Association and the Maine Health Management Coalition co-sponsored the event, which took place Thursday, Jan. 24, at DaVinci’s Restaurant in Lewiston. Approximately 35 individuals attended this invitation-only event to gain insight into these increasingly important topics.

“MCHO is pleased to bring together these esteemed speakers and foster dialog on these important initiatives,” Kevin Lewis, the CEO of MCHO said of the event. “Meaningful conversations between providers, patients and employers are essential to improving the value of care. Greater engagement in healthcare and informed decisions has been proven to improve health outcomes as well as lower total costs. And by supporting value over volume, we can realign payment to support the delivery system transformation desired by today’s clinicians and patients.”

As noted in the program, more than one in five dollars of Maine’s GDP is dedicated to healthcare spending, a measure that has been highlighted by the Maine Development Foundation as inhibiting economic growth in Maine. (See Measures of Growth in Focus 2012, There is a mounting sense of urgency among employers, providers and consumers to change the underlying premise of how care is delivered and paid for. Both Choosing Wisely ( and VBID ( respond to this challenge and are complementary programs that are centered on Triple Aim goals: improving patient experience, improving population health and reducing per-capita costs of care.

VBID and Choosing Wisely each provide pathways for providers and consumers to become engaged in a discussion about their respective roles and responsibilities. Each initiative aims to promote conversations among patients, providers, and employers; help prioritize resources; place emphasis on and support for certain evidence-based medicine; and discourage the use of less effective approaches. Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation.

MCHO is the health insurance solution that is directed by Maine people, healthcare providers, and small businesses and is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality health benefits for the people of Maine. It is a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) created through a program of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). MCHO is a private, nonprofit entity that will be governed by a member-based Board of Directors, which gives enrollees a strong voice in the management and development of the plan. For more information about Maine Community Health Options please visit: