Press Release

Maine Brew Bus adding new lineup to its first summer season

If you spot the bright green brew bus driving around Portland you should be jealous. Jealous you’re not on the bus, traveling to some of Maine’s best and newest breweries. Maine has grown to fifth most breweries per capita and what better way to sample these beers than in a locally painted, hop infused short bus driving you to drink local.

The Maine Brew Bus is adding a new lineup to its first summer season that should make all craft beer enthusiasts drool. The tours will take place Thursday through Sunday, and range in price from $39 to $75.

The tours are all inclusive and consist of transportation on a colorful 14 passenger bus, samples at all stops, tours of the facilities, food, trivia, and fun. The tours are lead by Zach Poole, owner who has worked in the Maine beer scene for the past 5 years, and Don Littlefield, Portland born and raised, with a interest in beer facts and history.

The Maine Brew Bus started running tours in September 2012. They visit breweries, pubs, distilleries, meaderies, fermenters, and coffee roasters, from Kennebunkport to Lovell. They are running monthly Sunday Fun Day tours, which will travel to more remote locations such as Oxbow, Marshall Wharf and Ebenezer’s.

Dedicated to embracing the history and culture of the local craft brewing industry in Maine, The Maine Brew Bus is the ultimate tour experience. Weekly tours are offered Thursday through Saturday. In addition, they offer monthly Sunday Fun Day tours, and private, Build Your Own Tours. For additional information visit or call 207-200-9111.