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Lest We Forget Art Exhibit


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For Immediate Release:

Date: March 28, 2014

Contact: Heidi Mansir, President, 207.582.8021

Mary Lou Dyer, Managing Director, 207.623.5005

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, from 10am to 2pm, in the Hall of Flags, in the State Capital Building, will be the site of an exhibit by artists with disabilities from across the State of Maine. The Maine Association for Community Service Providers (MACSP) is organizing the fourth annual special celebration of the Arts called Lest We Forget. There will be a wide variety of artwork by talented artists from across the state. Many of the artists will be present with their family and friends.

The title of the exhibit comes from the anniversary of the closing in 1996 of the Pineland Center in Pownal, Maine, when the last individual left the center. One chapter in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities had ended. In 1907 the Maine Legislature had established a school for “idiotic and feeble-mined” children. In the late 1950’s some 1700 residents lived in approximately 50 buildings. It was a place where people were left and often forgotten. In the time that has passed, Maine leads the nation in welcoming people with disabilities into our communities, our schools, our workplaces, and into our art world. It is important that we not forget from whence we come.

The Maine Association for Community Service Providers (MACSP) is an association of over 70 organizations providing community based services to people with intellectual disabilities. Our services include pre-schools, early intervention services, community supports, work supports, home supports, respite, and parent education. MACSP members provide services in all sixteen counties in Maine.

We are proud of the partnerships that have developed with self advocates, families, state governmental agencies, and the legislature. We hope that people coming through the Hall of Flags on April 3, 2014, will appreciate the art work and the fact that not so long ago these artists might not be living and creating in our communities throughout Maine.

We are hopeful that no one will forget our history and will celebrate our progress.


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