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Learn to Skate and Free-Style Skate Lessons offered by Bangor Recreation

BANGOR, Maine — Bangor Parks and Recreation Department is accepting registrations for its Learn to Skate and Free-Style Skate Lessons for ages 4 and up. Session I is Nov. 10-Dec. 15, at Sawyer Arena on Sundays. Times and fees vary based on program chosen.

 Learn to Skate will be held 4:10-5:10, which is a half hour of instruction and a half hour of free skate. Levels 1-3. Residents $80; nonresidents $85.

Basic Level 4-8 & Free-Style Skate Levels 1-6 (5:20-6:20) $95 Resident / $100 Non Resident

These lessons will also be a half hour of lessons with a half hour of free skate to practice.  Students who would like to compete and test at Basic Levels 4-8 and Free-Style Skate 1-6 must be members of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA). Your fee for this program includes membership to USFSA. There is no extra fee and there is no obligation to compete.

Free-Style Skate Level 4-6 $95 Resident / $100 Non Resident

& Synchronized Team Skating (6:20-7:20) $10 Resident / $15 Non Resident
This program is for students in Free-Style Skate 4-6, Synchronized team skating, and practice for the advanced skaters. Will follow the same format as the previous 2 programs.
Synchronized Team skating -This program will be offered as an introductory offer to those students registered for a skating class (open to those who can skate forward and backward, and do forward and backward crossovers).

To register go to

or stop by the Bangor Parks and Rec. Center at 647 Main St.. Call 992-4490 if you have any questions.



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